GSA Contract

Windsor is pleased to announce that federal and state agencies and other qualified buyers may now use our new Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 GSA Contract to procure services from us. Contracting through GSA streamlines the procurement process and can enable an agency to quickly and efficiently issue an order while fully complying with government acquisition regulations.

Contracting through GSA is much simpler than traditional procurement processes, because the government has already pre-qualified contractors and has an approved contract and rate structure. This process generally includes only a few steps:

  • Work with your agency’s contracts or procurement staff to develop a statement of work (SOW), specifying the GSA contract and the SIN under which your order will be placed
  • Issue the SOW to three or more approved GSA contractors, depending on the size of the order
  • Review and evaluate each contractor’s response and select the “best value” contractor based on the criteria established in the SOW
  • Issue an order directly to the selected contractor

Any eligible agency may request assistance from GSA to procure and administer the work, or may contact GSA staff to answer questions about using the IT Schedule 70 GSA Contract.

Please contact Craig Austin at 503-675-7833 Ext. 215 to receive a copy of Windsor’s pre-approved GSA pricelist and contract.