Juvenile Migrant Salmon Data Exchange Goes Live


PORTLAND, OR - Windsor is excited to announce that the Juvenile Migrant Data Exchange (JMX) has gone live in the State of Washington. This tool will be utilized by participating agencies to improve their monitoring capabilities and make more informed environmental decisions within their watersheds.

This project included representatives from the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC), Washington State Tribes, and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW), who worked alongside Windsor to design and establish the JMX.

Using the National Environmental Information Exchange Network, participants collaborated to standardize, integrate, and exchange information as part of their shared efforts to monitor and restore the health of the Puget Sound watershed. The Exchange Network provided tools and approaches for data to be shared efficiently and securely over the Internet, providing real-time access to higher-quality data while saving time and resources for the partners.

The JMX project focused on the use of the Exchange Network to collect and integrate Washington State’s juvenile migrant salmon information. As part of the project, Windsor created a desktop client that allows the Tribal Partners to aggregate and share JMX data amongst participating partners, including government agencies.

The result is an efficient tool to share information and provide real-time access to high-quality data with partners to monitor and restore the health of shared watersheds.

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