Cloud-hosted Exchange Network OpenNode2 now Available


PORTLAND, OR - The Exchange Network’s most popular node software is now available as a cloud-based service to Exchange Network partners. Windsor now provides hassle free full-service operation and maintenance of OpenNode2 in the cloud. A cloud-based node can reduce the time and effort required by agency technical staff to set up, maintain, and operate node software. What’s more, new flows can usually be installed and configured within hours. This solution is also ideal for partners that have applied for FY2013 Exchange Network grants to move to a “virtual” node solution.

In addition to the confidence and peace of mind that comes with using the time-tested and proven OpenNode2 software, agencies that use the cloud-based OpenNode2 can also rely on Windsor’s professional, competent, and qualified staff to provide support and assistance when needed.  Windsor is both an Exchange Network expert and a seasoned software hosting provider with a reputation for excellence.

Windsor acknowledges that every agency’s needs are different. Because of this, Windsor custom tailors the hosting package to each agency’s specific needs. Windsor will find the right balance of sophistication and cost for your agency.  Contact Windsor today to find out more.

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