New Nearshore Data Exchange Completed


PORTLAND, OR - Windsor and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) successfully completed the development of the Nearshore Data Exchange system. This system will help organizations in western Washington document, manage, analyze, and share species presence data and information about the health of nearshore areas. This includes information such as the type of species found (fish, shellfish, and vegetation), life stage, as well as environmental information such as water quality, sediment and weather observations.

This Nearshore Data Exchange is a brand new regional exchange designed, developed and implemented for the region's scientists and managers to share data in a timely and effective manner to assist in our understanding of the State's nearshore environment.

This project included developing a desktop client to manage and share this dataset as well as development of the supporting XML Schema and OpenNode2 plug-in to support the exchange components. The framework that had been established for the existing Juvenile Migrant Exchange (JMX) and Water Quality Exchange (WQX) was utilized and enhanced with additional high value features (e.g., data import, dynamic reporting, etc.) to incrementally improve the tool set.

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