PORTLAND, OR - Windsor design and deploys information systems to support electronic governance. 

As early as 2002 Windsor was supplying eGovernance solutions to forward thinking environmental agencies. Turbo Waste was developed to support the tracking of hazardous waste, its shipment and manifesting, and the receipt and final disposition of the waste. The system supports both manual data entry by registered handlers, as well as their ability to bulk upload their data based.

In 2008 Windsor developed a pilot solution to support the electronic tracking and management of hazardous waste manifests from the original generation of the identified waste to its ultimate disposal.

Today Windsor’s nSUITE allows clients to build eGovernance solutions that are tailored to their need. 

  • nFORM provides a flexible form design tool that enables users to establish and change forms that are used to collect data from the public or regulated community. 
  • nSITE exposes data back to the community allowing users to explore the data stored by the government entity. 
  • nSPECT enables agency staff to operate effectively in the field in an electronic manner without worrying about connectivity. 

All these solutions integrate with either a Windsor provided data management solution or with a client specified system.



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