nSite Data Warehouse deployed for CalEPA


PORTLAND, OR - The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) has long been recognized as a leader in championing innovative programs to promote sustainable practices and safeguard public health. In keeping with this tradition, CalEPA partnered with Windsor in 2014 to implement the nSite Data Warehouse.

Environmental regulation is carried out by CalEPA and its Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs) in disparate systems developed over decades. As a result, CalEPA and its BDOs expended significant resources when asked to respond to requests for information about a given site. Considerable expertise was required in navigating these systems to reconcile duplicate and conflicting information in order to provide a full and accurate picture of the environmental health of a given area. As a result, access to a holistic view of a particular facility was limited, and opportunities to link facility data to other valuable information sources were left unrealized.

The nSite Data Warehouse provides available information about a given site in a single application accessible over the web. nSite includes powerful facility reconciliation tools that enable agency staff to resolve duplicates and conflicting information in the warehouse application while leaving the source systems unchanged. The data aggregated by the warehouse also serves as an important source of feedback for the various programs managing facility data in their internal data cleanup efforts. All sites are displayed in an intuitive map-based interface requiring minimal program-specific context to understand the information presented. Links to additional detail information managed in the source system are readily available, providing a wealth of information in a few mouse-clicks.

In addition to conveying the information from each source system, nSite also attempts to geocode any addresses for facilities or sites with no coordinate data provided by the source system. This allows for more geospatial searches across more sites, and links these facilities with various geospatial layers to provide valuable environmental context. As one example, CalEnviroscreen 2.0 provides a pollution burden score to each facility based on its location within a census tract. These scores can be used throughout the State in conjunction with other facility information such as environmental interest to determine potentials for regulatory attention and compliance activities.

The system is maintained automatically by a nightly process to migrate and transform the data into the common structure used by the warehouse. No regular intervention is needed by CalEPA staff to ensure the warehouse reflects the latest available information for all facilities at all times. The implementation required no changes to the source systems, allowing this solution to be implemented in a relatively short timeframe and with few dependencies on staff. The system currently houses over 250,000 facilities compiled from five separate source systems. CalEPA has currently made this system available throughout their internal network, with plans to create a publicly-available site as part of a subsequent project phase.

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