Environmental Data Management System


PORTLAND, OR - nVIRO was carefully designed and engineered specifically to support the unique business needs of Environmental Regulatory Agencies (ERAs).  nVIRO incorporates a robust data architecture, built to support the unique complexities of environmental regulatory programs, and was designed based on many decades of combined staff experience building both agency-wide and program-specific environmental information management solutions.

nVIRO was built from the ground up to ensure compatibility with EPA’s regulatory and system interface requirements, and fully supports the data submission mechanisms of the Exchange Network, for federal systems such as ICIS-NPDES, ICIS-Air, RCRAInfo, FRS, etc.  The system is also fully compliant with the requirements of the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR).

It is a proven agency-wide solution, already in use at various state environmental agencies, and includes the following critical capabilities:

  • Supports external online interactions (e.g., electronic permitting and compliance reporting, FOIA, public notices)
  • Supports agency media/regulation specific procedures and data needs, by balancing standardization of common, core processes with support for program-specific needs
  • Supports rapid user adjustment in response to regulatory change or agency process reengineering (such as the current regulatory agency shift to e-government and an automated mobile workforce).

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