City of Albuquerque and Windor's SLEIS application put Emissions in the Cloud


PORTLAND, OR - The City of Alberquerque contracted with Windsor to provide a cloud based version of SLEIS. This system is hosted on an Amazon EC2 server.

Federal and various state and local regulations require that air pollution point sources periodically report their emissions to the responsible state or local government entity when they exceed certain emission thresholds.  This emissions information is then provided by the responsible entity to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where it is compiled into the National Emissions Inventory, which provides a comprehensive assessment of air pollution trends across the United States.

Historically, state and local government entities have relied on largely paper-based methods for emissions data collection, with the collected data being managed in a variety of customized or commercial databases. With recent changes to the Federal Air Emissions Reporting Requirements (AERR), reporting obligations to the US EPA have been enhanced and streamlined.

To better support their own regulatory needs, as well as the need to expedite reporting to the US EPA, State and local government entities are now increasingly looking to exploit Internet-based approaches to streamline data collection from regulated point sources.

To meet this challenge, Windsor worked with a consortium of environmental agencies to design and build an online emissions inventory reporting and database management system that will meet the needs of state and local governments for collecting emissions inventory data from regulated entities, managing and reviewing emissions reports, and submitting emissions inventory data to the US EPA.

The State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) allows permitted facilities to submit point source emissions inventory data and related meta-data to state and local agencies via a Web-based, CROMERR-compliant reporting system.

SLEIS brings much greater efficiency to the collection, processing, analysis, and quality assurance of emissions inventories for the regulatory agency, and allows each agency to configure the system to meet their own unique needs.

SLEIS also includes an interface to manage the generation and submission of XML files to EPA’s Emissions Inventory System (EIS) over the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.

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