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PORTLAND, OR - Windsor has a rich history with the exchange network having been developing and implementing Network Nodes for partners since 2003, for both .NET and Java environments.  This is a history that no other company can match. 
During this time, Windsor’s Node has evolved through multiple iterations to accommodate the advances in the underlying technologies, as well as Windsor’s ever expanding experience with challenging and new and innovative data exchanges.  
OpenNode2 (ON2) was funded and established through a 2008 multi-state Challenge Grant and allows states, counties, and tribal groups to exchange data with EPA and other Exchange Network partners.

Windsor was selected via a competitive bid process to evolve its existing Node solution into ON2.
As a result Windsor brings the necessary experience and skills to successfully provide the services required for any exchange network project. Windsor’s close involvement with the design and implementation of the Exchange Network from its inception through to the current functional revisions can be illustrated through the following major milestones in the exchange network’s history.

  • The first engineers to successfully implement a fully functional production Node and the company with the most experience with production Node operation. The majority of the Exchange Network is now powered by Windsor developed tools and applications.

  • The first company selected from among all leading Network Node providers to support the open-source Exchange Network Node.  Windsor’s OpenNode2, already powering the majority of state Exchange Network partners, is now freely available as an open-source product. 

  • Implementation of many regulatory environmental program data flows including ICIS-Air, RCRAInfo, EIS, AQS, OWIR-ATT, Beaches, FacID, ICIS-NPDES, SDWIS, TRI, UIC and WQX.

  • Implementation of many innovative new data exchanges between partners that have served to dramatically illustrate the potential and power of the Exchange Network, including eManifest, the Homeland Emergency Response Exchange (HERE), the Juvenile Migrant Salmon Exchange (JMX) and the Pacific Northwest Water Quality Data Exchange (PNWWQX).

  • Leaders in the advanced technologies and practical application of Web services, XML data exchange, data warehousing, and automated data cleansing.

  • Recent implementers of a Tribal “SuperNode” for the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC), as well as the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET).

ON2 is currently in production operation with a large number of Exchange Network partners and has proven to be a robust and reliable engine in a variety of configurations. ON2 simultaneously supports both the 1.1 and 2.0 versions of the Node Specifications, and works in either .NET or Java environments and with a wide range of supporting databases including Oracle and SQL Server. Officially announced and released to all Network Partners at the 2009 Exchange Network User Conference in Atlanta in April 2009, ON2 has since been available for download.

ON2 builds upon Windsor’s long-standing support for the Exchange Network. The “build once – share many times” approach is consistent with Windsor’s philosophy of encouraging reuse and collaboration among Network Partners. 

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