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Long Island Sound Natural Resources System

The Office of Long Island Sound (OLISP), within the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is responsible for protecting the natural resources of the Connecticut coastline through the regulation and permitting of all activities conducted in tidal wetlands and in tidal, coastal or navigable waters. In 2008, OLISP seized the opportunity to migrate its permitting database away from an aging MS Access-based platform, towards a solution that would align with DEEPs strategic vision for information technology, based on the previously developed Site Information Management System (SIMS).

DEEP’s long term vision for the SIMS system is as an integrated replacement for the existing systems whose data is currently being migrated to it. With this in mind, DEEP contracted with Windsor to create of a number of additional SIMS applications that served as fully integrated replacements for existing systems. In 2009 DEEP and Windsor worked together to incorporate the data and functionality of the Office of Long Island Sound Programs (OLISP) database into their previously developed P&E system. A gap analysis was conducted and the previously developed P&E system was extended to support the additional functionality and data identified in the Gap analysis. All existing OLISP data was migrated into the enhanced P&E system and the original OLISP system was retired. The OLISP-enhanced version of the P&E system has been in operation since December 2009.


CLIENT: Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
DISCIPLINES: Water, Natural Resources

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