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Air Certifications/Emissions Electronic Reporting System

Federal law mandates that facilities holding Title V operating permits under the Clean Air Act submit compliance certification reports and annual emissions statements to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Facilities must self-report on their instances of intermittent or continuous compliance for each permit condition within their Title V permit, and facilities must detail their emissions of regulated pollutants from their operations.

The former paper-based process introduced several challenges.The hand-keying of data from all submitted reports into DEC’s information management system introduced the potential for human error. Additionally, the data entry process often resulted in significant lag times between the identification of violations and any appropriate enforcement action. For emissions data, the time consuming data entry and validation process also impacted DEC’s ability to meet reporting obligations to EPA’s National Emissions Inventory.

To address the challenges presented by the paper-centric reporting process, Windsor and DEC undertook a project to improve the timeliness, efficiency, and accuracy of the submission of compliance certification reports and annual emissions statements by designing, developing and implementing an Internet-enabled electronic reporting application for permitted Title V facilities – the Air Certification and Emissions Electronic Reporting System (ACE e-reporting system).

An integral part of the project was to ensure that the ACE e-reporting system design met the needs of the regulated community.This input was critical to the development of a successful, usable application.For that reason, industry representatives were recruited to work with DEC and Windsor to help confirm business requirements and provide input to the application design. This early industry stakeholder involvement helped the project to gain a thorough understanding of the reporting hurdles faced today and how an electronic reporting system can help alleviate these challenges.

The ACE e-reporting system implementation project also involved designing, developing, and implementing a reusable Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR) compliant architecture that meets federal electronic signature and copy of record requirements. The architecture that was employed provides a flexible and configurable component-based service-oriented framework, allowing for varying electronic reporting application work flows, while encapsulating common signature collection and signed document management details. The clear separation of components helps provide an agency-wide CROMERR compliant solution, while allowing for required customizations at an application specific level.

The development of this new electronic reporting application utilized a rich Web-based, component driven J2EE architecture backed by an Oracle database connected through JDBC. The application is configurable through XML for easy maintenance.


CLIENT: New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation

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