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  • BeachGuard User Experience Redesign Ohio Dept. of Health (ODH)
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BeachGuard User Experience Redesign

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), conducts monitoring and notification of bacteria and algal toxins at selected state park beaches, boat-ramps, and semi-private beaches through their BeachGuard Program. BeachGuard enables ODH staff and registered individuals (such as laboratory and field collection staff) to input the monitoring and sampling results data required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The public is then able to view active algal and bacterial advisories through BeachGaurd’s public facing interface.

ODH contracted with Windsor Solutions to provide enhancements for their BeachGuard web application. Windsor updated the public facing site to include an intuitive mapping interface displaying current beach advisories from the home page, in addition to updating the sampling-data graphing functionality and aesthetic. Behind the scenes; the enhancements enabled authorized users to add concurrent algal and bacterial advisories in addition to data refinements designed to satisfy ODH’s evolving needs.

Through this project, Windsor demonstrated expertise in understanding and implementing complex business rules related to water quality sampling, monitoring, and advisories. Public users of the application benefit from the enhanced usability stemming from the enhancements. By implementing modern and simple visualization tools the application is better able to convey important health advisories to users. 


CLIENT: Ohio Dept. of Health (ODH)
SERVICES: Agile Development, Custom/COTS Solutions, Exchange Network, Mobile Applications
PRODUCTS: BeachGuard

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