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CalEPA deploys Facility Data Warehouse - nSITE

The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) partnered with Windsor to implement the nSite Data Warehouse as part of a multi-phased effort. Phase 1 involved the deployment of an internally-facing web application, CalEnviroview, that shares facility data from five different source systems. Phase 2 included the development of a new chemical detail viewer and the deployment of a publicly-facing website, the Regulated Site Portal ( Phase 3 expands the number of source systems to nine total, as well as provide an enhanced mobile device experience and additional RESTful data services.nSITE Map View

The project began with the development of automated data flows from five source systems into the nSite Data Warehouse. Each source system was mapped to the nSite data model, then extraction routines were developed to import locations, contacts, regulatory programs, and compliance activity for a combined total of over 250,000 facilities and sites. Reconciliation processes helped to detect duplicate facility information that had been recorded in separate systems, then merge this information into distinct facilities and sites within the data warehouse. Additionally, several geospatial layers were imported into the map layer to provide context on the facilities when displaying them on a map. The end result was the creation of a holistic view of facility information across the State of California encompassing a wide range of regulatory programs.

Integration of chemical detail for sites storing chemicals monitored under Tier II of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) followed. The source system was mapped to a new data structure and automated routines were created to regularly update nSite with the latest chemical information reported by facilities. A detail screen displays chemicals stored at each facility along with their associated CAS numbers, hazard types, and quantities stored (among other facts).

A public-facing version of the nSite Data Warehouse, the Regulated Site Portal, was deployed to as a cloud-hosted instance. An automated SQL Server Replication process was instantiated to keep the public instance continuously up-to-date with information from the internally-facing CalEnviroview warehouse.

A new mobile-friendly interface provides a use-anywhere capability, the creation of RESTful geospatial and data services to aid in sharing data collected by nSite, and the creation of user interfaces for managing spatial layers. 



CLIENT: California Environmental Protection Agency
DISCIPLINES: Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Cloud Based Options, Custom/COTS Solutions, Data Management, Geospatial, Mobile Applications

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