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County Web Strategy

Windsor worked closely with Clark County to develop a blueprint and Internet strategy that would guide the implementation of Web based services and a consistent look and feel.  Combining their experience performing Information Strategy Planning with Website design, the team was able to assist the County.  Questionnaires formed the initial requirements gathering technique and were issued to department representatives as well as a wide range of representatives from the local business community and citizens.  Facilitated workshops with these groups enabled the team to further discuss, identify and prioritize requirements and Web based initiatives. 

Projects within the blueprint were identified based upon Strong Functional Cohesion, Loose Functional Coupling, and Estimated Cost, Effort and Duration.

Windsor produced a dynamic, contemporary graphic design featuring the newly unveiled Clark County logo and motto to reflect a forward-thinking County image. This user-friendly design leverages existing Clark County Website content. At the center of the new graphic design is a home page that maximizes flexibility and offers a balance of search-related information, timely county-related content and interesting photography and articles. The internal pages are consistent and easy to navigate, reflecting the well-organized site architecture.  As part of the graphic design process workshops were conducted to determine the key elements of the design.  Windsor’s graphic designer then presented three distinct designs three levels deep from which the County chose one to move forward with.

The site architecture has the capability to resize as the demands of the organization dictate. This architecture focuses upon the ability of a user to find information easily and therefore incorporates many mechanisms through which to find information.  We recognized that novice users and expert users often search for information in different ways.  The site therefore has various views of information enabling users to access information based upon topics while enabling organizational units to retain control over their specific information.  The result is a robust architecture with many views.  Specifically a “find it” page included in the architecture includes a directory of departments, an A-Z index based upon topics, Online services, a keyword search, a site map, a county organization chart, and a user scenario section that assisted users with the steps to complete commonly performed tasks such as starting a new business, buying a home, or applying for a permit.


CLIENT: Clark County Office of Budget and Information Services
DISCIPLINES: Natural Resources, Cross-discipline

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