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  • Drinking Water System Analysis Hawaii State Dept. of Health
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Drinking Water System Analysis

The Hawaii State Environmental Health Administration's Safe Drinking Water Branch (SDWB) and the Environmental Health Analytical Services Branch (EHASB) were working to implement a Lab to SDWIS/State data exchange. This data exchange aimed to facilitate the reporting of analytical drinking water sample result information from both the State Laboratories Division (SLD) and certified outside labs to SDWB's SDWIS/State system.

The data exchange would ultimately support the entire drinking water sampling business workflow, including scheduling of sampling activities, sample collection by public water system operators, sample receipt and analysis by the SLD and certified outside labs, management of analytical result information, and reporting of that result information to the SDWIS/State system. The goal of the data exchange was to enhance and streamline the sample and analytical result data sharing process by establishing an electronic flow of information. This would improve the quality of information, increase the timeliness of that information, and improve the ability of the SDWB to track the progress of drinking water compliance monitoring activities.

The SDWB initiated a project to implement the Lab to SDWIS/State data exchange, and the first step of this project involved confirming the business and technical requirements for the exchange and establishing an implementation plan to guide subsequent design, development, and implementation activities. Windsor Solutions (Windsor) teamed with the SDWB and EHASB to conduct the initiation, requirements confirmation, and implementation plan development activities for this project.


CLIENT: Hawaii State Dept. of Health
SERVICES: Custom/COTS Solutions, Strategic Planning

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