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EcoDeals Web Store

Windsor worked with King County to add their EcoDeals application to the public Web site. The EcoDeals section allows for County employees to post coupons (pdf files) and product photos of renewable/environmental products directly to the database using an easy to use Web interface. The general public are rewarded by browsing the site like they would any online store, locating product coupons to download.

This application has now been replaced by EcoConsumer – a section of the site that Windsor also helped design and develop. Windsor built several applications that encompass the EcoConsumer area such as the Waste Calculator, the EcoConsumer Blog and Waste Free Holidays.  Waste Free Holidays allows local companies and vendors to post their services at a discount to the general public.  All services, such as theater tickets, dance lessons and museum tickets – highlighting the benefit of giving experiences instead of gifts.


CLIENT: King County Washington
DISCIPLINES: Cross-discipline

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