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Electronic Permitting Portal

Windsor Solutions (Windsor) partnered with the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Environmental Health Administration (EHA) and the Hawaii State Energy Office within the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) to design, develop and implement an online permit application system with an emphasis placed on EHA permit application forms with a renewable energy interest. This solution intends to streamline regulated community permit application submissions and increase the efficiency of staff managing the permit application process. DBEDT considers streamlined permit processing for renewable energy facilities a major step towards achieving Hawaii’s goal of 70% clean energy by 2030.

The resulting electronic permitting solution aims to consolidate, educate and facilitate the permit submission process (including CROMERR compliance), payment processing and approval across the EHA. This solution brings all permit application processing into the same system with a common interface for the user community, where “user” is defined as the permit applicant. It provides learning and help tools that enable users to progress from basic users of the application to advanced users through education and experience. Most importantly, it provides an intuitive and easy-to-use mechanism for users to navigate the system and to submit and manage their permit applications electronically.

Windsor's e-Permitting Portal incorporates a series of reusable components. For instance, the security module is based upon Windsor’s latest CROMERR solution design and supports future electronic reporting applications as they evolve within the administration with less effort.

From an early stage on this project, Windsor understood the importance of capitalizing on existing investments and making data available so that the administration can achieve greater efficiencies, make more informed decisions, and achieve more within an ever-tightening budget. Therefore, the solution allows EHA staff to take ownership of the process over time, thus reducing the dependence on contractors or consultants and building the required in-house skill-sets. Similarly, Windsor understood the critical role that other initiatives will play in the successful e-Permitting Portal implementation. The value of a centralized data repository, capable of supporting the regulated community’s data entry, validation, and submissions, will become even greater as the EHA source system base increases.

To achieve the defined e-Permitting Portal goals in a fiscally responsible manner, Windsor proposed a solution based around four main focus areas:

  1. Ease of use to the end user (consistency, wizards, templates, notifications, maps, help, intuition, etc.)
  2. Synergy with agency investments in existing systems, such as the Environmental Health Warehouse (EHW.)
  3. Flexibility of the overall process (as the permitting needs of the agency change, the established solution needs to adjust, not be redeveloped.)
  4. Overall cost (total cost of ownership including the initial design, system maintenance and future expandability.)

Hawaii's e-Permitting Portal has been implemented in production and is actively being used today.


CLIENT: Hawaii State Dept. of Health
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Water, Health, Natural Resources, Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Cloud Based Options, Custom/COTS Solutions, Data Management, eGovernment

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