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Emergency Response System


The purpose of this project was to develop an Internet-based process among the states in EPA Regions V and VII to provide available environmental, health, and natural resource information to emergency responders and operation centers involved in homeland security/emergency response planning and implementation.  The system exchanges spatial data as well as other environmental information among multiple partners, including integrating and sharing the data from five agencies in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.  The resulting system is used to enhance decision-making and risk assessment for Homeland Security and/or Emergency Response situations occurring within or across state boundaries.

The advent of the national Exchange Network has provided the necessary tools needed to support a robust and efficient exchange of data between environmental agencies and their partners. Many of the challenges in securely sharing data from many state agencies can now be addressed by the Network’s inherent strengths.

There are two versions of the HERE Client. The main HERE Client application can be installed by an emergency responder on a laptop computer and be used in the field to assess local threats during emergency scenarios. This application provides a rich user interface that support spatial mapping, advanced data exploration, and sophisticated data export capabilities. It includes a highly advanced data synchronization engine that keeps large volumes of aggregated local data that originates from many agencies up to date using a nightly transparent synchronization process.

A second thin version of the HERE Client was also implemented for use on smart phones. This version required network connectivity but provides emergency responders with access to the key data needed when they are not equipped with a tablet equipped HERE Client. 

States in EPA Regions V and VII are currently sharing data, with several additional states interested in joining the exchange in the future.

Combined with a powerful data retrieval tool, the HERE project incorporated a full life-cycle Internet-based data inquiry application based on the selected data flows at each agency with an intuitive, yet powerful data retrieval tool custom-developed to support the needs of the EOPs and many others. This tool allows a responder to quickly assess and characterize immediate and reciprocal threats, such as chemical inventories, hazardous waste storage, and vulnerable drinking water infrastructure.

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CLIENT: Nebraska Dept. of Environmental Quality
DISCIPLINES: Cross-discipline

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