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Environmental Cleanup System

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) selected Windsor Solutions to perform the migration of the Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) database from UNIX/Oracle to a Microsoft Windows/SQL Server 2000 operating environment, as well as to help strategies for future needs.


DEQ decided to revise its strategic technical direction, beginning with the adoption of a Microsoft centric approach to systems development. Their challenge lay in creating a seamless process of migrating it's legacy applications from a COOL:Gen / Oracle platform to the .NET framework and SQL Server.

The DEQ asked Windsor Solutions to redevelop the existing COOL:Gen-based ECSI system as a GUI application using the Microsoft .Net development environment. The first major migration effort was with ECSI, a character-based system used by the DEQ to track sites in Oregon with known or potential contamination from hazardous substances. Windsor Solutions was able to successfully implement the migrated ECSI application one week ahead of schedule and five percent under budget. This success can be attributed to the high level of co-operation throughout the project between Windsor and Oregon DEQ.

We worked with the Oregon DEQ to first migrate the ECSI system records information about suspected and confirmed cleanup sites throughout the state of Oregon. Information on each site recorded by the system includes:

  • Site location and parties affiliated to the site (owners, operators and other interested parties)
  • Relevant features (wells, storage tanks, drains)
  • Current and past uses for the site
  • Known and suspected releases of hazardous chemicals
  • Disposal and cleanup activities for the site

Windsor Solutions' approach to the migration of the ECSI system centered on developing a thorough understanding of the data, functions and user processes supported by the current system. In order to gain a detailed understanding of the existing systems' environment, we performed an extensive current systems analysis effort that involved in-depth reviews of data and logic. We also conducted user confirmation workshops.

Windsor used Oracle Report Builder and SQLPlus to analyze DEQ's original reporting design and business logic. To analyze the Oracle database, we queried the database and reviewed the COOL:Gen-generated DDL to document the contents and structure of the database. We also identified any constraints such as indexes, foreign keys, and permitted values. We then used the findings from the Current Systems Analysis as source material for the New System Design phase of the project.


  • Defining the new data structures for the ECSI system and creating a plan and logic to migrate data from Oracle to SQL Server
  • Specifying a user interface and application logic that fully supports the business rules contained in the existing system while capitalizing on the advanced capabilities of GUI and the Microsoft .Net framework
  • Delivery of a Technical Architecture that supported the system requirements
  • Creation of a Technical Architecture that was robust and dependable
  • Development of a forward-thinking architecture that would represent a sound investment


The resulting system design was reviewed and confirmed for completeness, correctness and usability by DEQ users. Upon approval of the system design, the development and test effort began, consisting of the following steps:

  1. Replacement of the ECSI system using Visual Basic.NET and Crystal Reports. This step included a major checkpoint where the users were given a chance to review a functional interim system deliverable and influence the final layout and behavior of the application.
  2. Three iterations of formal user-based testing and user-defined test scripts. Issues found in every test iteration were formally tracked.
  3. Modifications performed after confirmation of the appropriate solutions with DEQ staff.
  4. Final development of an extremely stable final application.

Windsor Solutions migration of ECSI from COOL:Gen to .NET became the model for moving applications from legacy architectures to Internet based frameworks. We provided the Oregon DEQ with the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Removal of dependence upon legacy architecture
  • Improved performance, reliability and scalability thanks to open source technologies
  • Applications that are consistent with the DEQ's strategic direction in terms of architecture and standards
  • An interesting, modern, user-friendly interface


CLIENT: Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Water, Health, Natural Resources, Cross-discipline

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