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  • Facility Explorer Data Warehouse Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
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Facility Explorer Data Warehouse

The Facility Explorer Application is a GIS-based Web application used for searching and displaying information about environmental facilities in Iowa. Users can determine if the Iowa DNR have any current or past dealings with a facility, what permits are held, and whether a facility has any environmental violations. Authorized internal users also have the ability to add and edit facility locations using the map-based interface.

The application was built using the ESRI ArcGIS WebADF for the .NET Framework. It integrates data from dozens of program databases with spatial data in ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server tile caches to create a single Web-based interface to the spatial and tabular facility data.

Some system features include:

  • Spatial Searching using municipalities, watersheds, TRS or user-defined areas
  • Facility reconciliation that identifies potential duplicate facilities and allows authorized users to merge or unmerge facilities and program interests
  • Search location by identifying map coordinate (several coordinate reference systems), address or place name, while filtering on program interest(s), program ID(s), and owner or organization affiliations
  • Tabular Searching
  • Spatial Data and Tabular Data Viewing


CLIENT: Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Water, Health, Natural Resources, Cross-discipline

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