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Facility Profiler (nSITE)

During 2012 Windsor implemented a Site Profiler data warehouse application for Colorado DPHE that aggregates and centralizes information about environmentally affected sites and facilities. The source of this data originate and are stored in separate, mutually exclusive systems across the agency, and in many cases duplicated across multiple systems. The system consists of two applications:

  • A web inquiry system used to query facility data by key data points with associated integration to geographic information system (GIS) capabilities.
  • A web based data reconciliation application that is used to identify and reconcile duplicate sites.  In addition, this application serves as the general data administrator interface to the application.

This system achieved the following goals:

  • Establish an agency-wide data sharing environment
  • Support Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)  requests (e.g., ‘Who’s doing what nearby?’) thus reducing agency burden
  • Support drivers for integrated environmental data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the public, and the regulated community
  • Assist with internal coordination (e.g., during permit reviews or enforcement actions)
  • Provide browser-based GIS mapping capabilities on agent desktops
  • Support location address cleansing
  • Assist with derivation of location coordinates (Geocoding of addresses)
  • Identify site duplication in existing systems
  • Improve site name and ownership data
  • Allows users to query and download data
  •  Provide a ‘portal’ to agency’s inquiry systems


CLIENT: Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment
DISCIPLINES: Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Data Management, Exchange Network, Geospatial

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