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ICIS-NPDES Plugin and ICIS-Air Support

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) contracted with Windsor to develop software to simplify the implementation of the ICIS-NPDES data exchange from state and tribal agencies to US EPA via the Exchange Network. The project consisted of developing a series of database staging tables and a plugin for both the Java and .NET OpenNode2. The project included piloting the data exchange software with the State of Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) as a means of verifying correct operation of the plugin. 

The project began with a detailed analysis of the ICIS-NPDES Full Batch documentation including the XML schema, Flow Configuration Document, Technical Specifications, and detailed design documents from ICIS-NPDES. Windsor realized that ICIS's ability to provide processing reports of accepted and rejected transactions in XML format could provide a powerful means of providing real-time feedback to the plugin software. Windsor leveraged this capability to produce a design that allows the plugin to dynamically determine which agency data needed to be transmitted to ICIS and which data was already synchronized. This design removes the need for other cumbersome and often failure-prone processes of determining which data needs to be transmitted. The plugin determines what to send to ensure the agency’s NPDES system and ICIS-NPDES stay in sync.

Windsor released the .NET version of the OpenNode2 ICIS-NPDES plugin several months before the final cutover to ICIS-NPDES. This gave agencies the valuable time they needed to map their data and test the submission of data to the ICIS Batch Test environment before the final production migration. The Java version of the plugin was released later. To educate the community, Windsor presented two webinars and published a video describing the operation of the plugin. Windsor also presented the ICIS-NPDES plugin at the Exchange Network conference in Philadelphia.

The project also included implementation of the data exchange for Ecology. Ecology’s NPDES program is a large and sophisticated, requiring complex transformations of source data into the ICIS-NPDES plugin staging tables. Windsor implemented 24 ICIS data families and successfully transitioned to the production environment, having flowed a massive backlog of permit and DMR data including over five years of historical data, amounting to hundreds of thousands of DMR values. Ecology is now submitting daily to ICIS-NPDES for 24 different data families. Windsor continues to provide support to Ecology as needed to ensure continued, smooth operation of the production data flow.


CLIENT: Environmental Council of States
SERVICES: Exchange Network

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