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Indiana DEM BeachGuard Implementation Support

Windsor worked for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to help implement the BeachGuard application. BeachGuard is a custom software system that displays information about beach closures and beach sampling results for monitoring locations in the state. BeachGuard is a Web-based system, allowing access to information by the general public. In addition to the public display of beach data, BeachGuard also has a section where registered individuals (such as laboratory and field collection staff) can log in and enter sampling results and beach advisories. Data is stored in the BeachGuard database. BeachGuard consists of three applications or interfaces. These include:

  • Public Web Interface – This is a public-facing Web application presenting read-only information on beach closures and beach sampling results to the general public.
  • Beach Management Interface – This is a secured Web application used to review, modify, add, or remove information pertaining to beach closures and beach sampling results.
  • Administration Utility – This is a secured application used to perform administrative actions on the BeachGuard system, such as managing application user accounts, security roles, assigned counties, and assigned beaches. In addition, this application can be used to perform ad-hoc reporting on the information held in the BeachGuard system.

BeachGuard serves as the primary data repository for the purposes of the Beach Act grant data reporting to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


CLIENT: Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (DEM)
SERVICES: Custom/COTS Solutions, eGovernment, Geospatial
PRODUCTS: BeachGuard

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