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Integrated Facility Data Assessment

In 2009, the NYSDEC was awarded a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to modernize its Facility Information System (FIS) supported by the Departments central “corporate” or “enterprise” database (Enterprise).  Enterprise was originally designed in the late 1980s with the objective of providing a single integrated repository for all information needed to support the Department’s environmental quality programs.  The grant called for the redevelopment of FIS to incorporate current geospatial technologies, thereby allowing staff to improve the spatial accuracy of features.  The redevelopment will also incorporate additional types of site or location into Enterprise, and the overall redevelopment effort is referred to as the eFind.  In addition, the Department proposed the expanded use of the Enterprise database, as well as the design of a common approach to supporting eBusiness (e.g. online reporting, permitting). 

As the first step in executing the EPA grant, Windsor worked with the Department to conduct an assessment of the various possible implementation approaches for eFind with the goal being to select the most appropriate approach for the Department.  This approach will then be used to guide the preparation of a project plan for the detailed analysis, design and development of eFind (currently underway).


CLIENT: New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation
DISCIPLINES: Cross-discipline

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