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Network Node & Data Flow Implementation Project (RCRAInfo, NEI)

Windsor worked with The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to implement an Environmental Exchange Network Node and several flows to EPA systems, including RCRAInfo and National Emissions Inventory (NEI). Windsor Solutions deployed the Network Node used at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and also developed a .NET-based Windows client for Node administration that featured several enhancements over the original Washington Node software.

After implementing the Node on schedule, Windsor developed and implemented NEI and RCRAInfo data flows to EPA’s system. The latter was the first production flow of RCRAInfo data in the nation through the Exchange Network.

RCRAInfo Replacement

As part of this project, DEP wanted to shift their current reliance on EPA’s RCRAInfo system by developing an internal data entry application for the DEP’s integrated EPICS database, and a RCRA data flow to the national system, RCRAInfo, via the DEP Exchange Network Node.

The first step in this shift was to implement the ability for DEP to collect and manage Site Identification data in the EPICS database. Site Identification data was collected on an equivalent to the EPA 8700-12 Form when a hazardous waste handler (e.g., generator, transporter or treatment/storage/disposal facility) first notified the DEP of their RCRA activities, and was periodically refreshed based on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts rules and regulations.

The integrated EPICS database was modified to track the additional data items found on the latest EPA Notification Form, in addition to those State-specific data elements identified by DEP. DEP’s Web-based electronic reporting tool, eDEP, was updated to include the data entry forms that allow the Site Identification data to be entered and tracked within the EPICS database. These forms were designed to allow this data to be pre-populated and verified (versus filled in entirely from scratch) for any hazardous waste handler that has previously reported this data to DEP.

SSEIS Replacement

DEP’s air quality source management system, SSEIS was replaced with the data being migrated to the EPICS database, in order to fully support the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) data flow with EPA.

The new system data entry interface is provided through eDEP / EPICS. The EPICS database was expanded to support this additional information. As with the RCRAInfo Site Identification migration, the best approach for reconciling the facility data within EPICS was determined during the project, based on existing overlap, volume of data, and automated reconciliation tools available.

With SSEIS migrated to eDEP and EPICS, the NEI flow of data to EPA can be easily implemented.  Windsor developed the necessary components to support the retrieval of NEI data from EPICS and mapping to the relevant schema.

GIS Environment

Windsor worked with DEP staff to design an ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase data model to store spatial data layers relating to EPICS entities.  A data migration map was be created, which identified the source locations for all feature layers in the new Geodatabase model and any data validation rules that must be met in the data loading process.


CLIENT: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Exchange Network

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