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Oil and Gas Well Emissions Reporting System

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) received grant funding from the US EPA under the Exchange Network Grant Program to develop a new data exchange using the Exchange Network. This data exchange enables WOGCC to provide WDEQ with data for oil and gas production sites in the State. Windsor developed the data exchange along with a web application to display the data that will allow WDEQ engineers to estimate air contaminant emissions to make better decisions faster and more accurately. WDEQ had previously relied on actual emission reports received from oil and gas facilities every three years.

The custom data exchange developed was based on a number of Web services provided by WOGCC to get monthly well and production data that is received on a nightly basis and then loaded into a set of staging tables. The data exchange was designed to use WDEQ’s OpenNode 2 implementation to manage the loading process. The data from the staging tables is brought into a separate internal database for use by the web application.

The Oil and Gas Emission Report (OGER) web application is used to query and view actual production values and estimated emissions based on a defined emission factor, for individual or groups of wells. The application also captures minor source emissions related to oil and gas production at individual wells. The OGER application uses .NET based web technologies using a SQL Server 2005 database, and was deployed under WDEQ’s enterprise SharePoint portal.

The solution was implemented in December 2010, and included an initial data migration of more than 5 million WOGCC production records. The system was subsequently enhanced during early 2011 to include a number of important functional changes, as well as a comprehensive spatial data inquiry interface which allows WDEQ program staff to identify well locations of interest based on a number of geographic criteria.


CLIENT: Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality
DISCIPLINES: Air, Natural Resources

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