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OpenNode2 and Node Flow Upgrades Project

Windsor worked with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to implement the OpenNode2 node. As part of this project Windsor also upgraded the State's existing data flows to be compliant with the new Node. This involved working closely with DES program stakeholders and EPA staff to ensure each data flow passed processing validation in both the CDX Test and CDX production environments. New Hampshire is now flowing data to the EPA using the following data flows:

  • AQS
  • Beach Notifications
  • RCRAInfo
  • WQX
  • FacID

Additionally as part of this project, Windsor implemented the newly branded Site Profiler, based on Hawaii’s Environmental Health Warehouse, which will provide both internal and public users the ability to search for and explore known environmental information in a holistic manner, for a given area in both spatial and tabular fashion. Although, DES plans to start with Safe Drinking Water Data, the warehouse will eventually store all known Agency environmental interests. The sophisticated ETL process provides standard name and address cleansing, and coordinate derivation based on the address (geocoding). This provides a spatial map representation for many Site previously un-mappable.

The newer user interface offers improved search capabilities and a dashboard tailored to the needs of DES. This warehouse also contains the sites on which DES will report to the EPA via the Exchange Network using the FacID data flow.

The Site Profiler is a Web based application built in .NET operating against an Oracle database. The GIS technologies used for the Web interface include the GoogleMaps API, the ArcGIS Extension for the GoogleMaps API, and the ArcGIS Server SOAP API. Some of the features found in the system include:

  • Spatial Searching
  • Tabular Searching
  • Spatial Data Viewing
  • ArcGIS Server overlay layers for spatial data viewing
  • Tabular Data Viewing

New Hampshire has decided to name their version of the Site Profiler, One Stop Environmental Site Data system.


CLIENT: New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Water, Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Data Management, Exchange Network, Geospatial

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