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Pesticides Administration Database System

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Bureau of Pest Management is responsible for a variety of activities associated with the regulation of pesticides in the State of New York.  Following a systems assessment performed by Windsor, DEC partnered with Windsor to develop the New York State Pesticides Administration Database (NYSPAD) system.  The assessment’s implementation plan describes six discrete phases for the completion of the NYSPAD.  

Starting with Phase One in 2012, the primary goal was to demonstrate quick progress and build momentum for future implementation phases.  Phase One met the following objectives:

  • Core data sets are integrated into a single database, creating a solid base for future phases.
  • Formerly highly manual tasks are automated.  Assignment of course credits to applicators are automated and tightly integrated with the course management data. 
  • Applicator and Bureau confusion over certification status is eliminated through tighter data integration. 
  • The system supports automated course calendar and certification status publishing, providing overall improved data access.

Phase One went into production in 2014, and included Pesticides Applicator Certification Management, Pesticides Course Calendar Management, and Pesticides Exam Management. A public-facing portal ( was developed in order to provide up-to-date access to information regarding pesticide applicators/technicians, training courses, training course instructors/sponsors and certification/recertification exams.

The system was developed with extensibility in mind, allowing Windsor and DEC to move onto Phase Two, seamlessly adding functionality for Pesticides Business Registrations (businesses offering, advertising, or providing the services of commercial application of pesticides) and Pesticides Commercial Permits (businesses offering the sale of restricted use pesticides in New York State) as part of Phase Two.


CLIENT: New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation
DISCIPLINES: Land, Health, Cross-discipline

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