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Pesticides Information Management Assessment

In September of 2008, Windsor Solutions was engaged by the NY DEC Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials to conduct an end-to-end assessment of the Information Management infrastructure within their Bureau of Pest Management.  The goal of this assessment was to identify a strategic vision for an integrated bureau of pesticides management system which would result in more integrated data, improved processes, increased efficiency, and would use standardized technologies that could be supported by internal staff.

Included in the assessment process were numerous on-site analysis workshops.  These workshops were held with knowledgeable representatives of all pesticides management areas, from applicator registration to pesticide product renewals and administration of the State’s Pesticides Reporting Law. Also included in this assessment was a rigorous documentation of all systems, software and data repositories used throughout the bureau.

At the end of this project, Windsor was able to provide to NY DEC a clear roadmap and strategic vision for how to achieve the above-mentioned goals.  Windsor helped the pesticides bureau to find all of the places in their processes where old and obsolete software was used, and explained how that could create challenges for them in the future.  Windsor worked with the bureau to find ways to make step by step processes more efficient, both through new technology and process improvement.

With this implementation plan in hand, NY DEC initiated a multi-year, multi-phase comprehensive rebuild of their technology and processes related to pesticides management. These processes would be consolidated into a single enterprise-style application called NYSPAD (New York State Pesticides Administration Database). NYSPAD development was planned such that each phase would build and expand on the prior phase, and that each phase would deliver meaningful value.  These enhancement project phases are continuing to provide real, measurable benefits to NY DEC and will continue to do so for years to come.


CLIENT: New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation

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