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Pollution Prevention Exchange

Windsor upgraded the Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment (DHE) Windsor 3.0 Node to the 2.0 Specification compliant Windsor Node 2008 which. During the process Windsor also upgraded DHE's existing core plug ins, along with the development of the P2 exchange with the Seattle P2RX Office. Windsor Node 2008, can simultaneously support data exchanges with partners operating either 1.1 or 2.0-specification Nodes and is the choice of an increasing number of exchange network partners. Since deploying the first functional production Exchange Network Node in 2003, Windsor has continually updated the Node, which has been deployed by an estimated 30 plus Exchange Network partners throughout the US. We estimate that over half the Exchange Network is powered by a Windsor Node or a Windsor-developed Node Client. As use of Windsor Node 2008 continues to increase, Windsor remains on the forefront of Exchange Network technology. Available in both .NET and Java, and for a variety of backend databases, Node 2008 is ready to handle the needs of the Exchange Network now and in the future.


CLIENT: Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment
DISCIPLINES: Air, Cross-discipline
SERVICES: Exchange Network

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