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Reuse, Recycle System


CropperCapture[15]The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Disposal Web application enables the user community to query the database from a “What do I do with” perspective. This innovative application answers the question of “what do I do with...?” by providing the most environmentally responsible answer. It then provides results that include reuse and recycling options for materials at facilities such as online material exchanges, charitable organizations, recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills. Users are able to locate facility information geographically through a map interface.

Windsor's design provides the Division and the public differing, easy-to-use, interfaces to the information based upon their levels of authorization. Partner entities such as recycling facilities, providers, haulers, and cities are able to access a personalized Web site to manage their specific information including facility information and recycling options for materials through a secure administrative portal. Partners can add or modify details pertaining to the solid waste or materials that they reuse, recycle, or dispose of.  This allows businesses to partner with the County to accept reusable waste items. For example, a business that recycles batteries, dismantles and reuses appliances, or produces fuel from waste oils can choose to reach out to the community as a source. This is just one of many potential methods for increasing reuse of solid waste materials. The Web application provides instructions on proper disposal or reuse of various types of solid waste, ranging from animal waste to yard waste, batteries to televisions. This information helps King County residents make decisions on how to minimize their waste stream and enables the reuse of resources.

Administrators such as Solid Waste Division managers can log into the Web portal, manage secure data, perform content management, approve content submitted by Provider and City users, update user information and view content update logs.

Recently the Reduce,  Reuse, Recycle, “What do I do With...?” application won a Best of the Web and Digital Government Achievement Award.

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Windsor worked with SWD staff to design and develop an Online Materials Exchange. The new online exchange combines SWD's Household Online Materials Exchange (HOME site) and King County's section of the (Reusable Building Materials Exchange) site. The Web site allows secure access to manage and post household and reusable building materials listings, as well as garage sale listings. The exchange has become an extremely popular portion of the SWD website, with over 10,000 postings since conception.

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CLIENT: King County Washington
DISCIPLINES: Air, Land, Water, Health, Natural Resources, Cross-discipline

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