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Tablet Mobile Inspections Solution

Windsor developed and implemented a Mobile Inspections application for the Bureau of Waste Management in the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The application reduces or eliminates duplicate entry of inspection data and simplifies the workflow process for producing inspection reports.

Prior to going on-site for an inspection, an inspector downloads forms and data from a central server to a tablet computer like an Apple iPad. Inspection forms are completed at a facility site regardless of whether or not there is Internet connectivity. When Internet connectivity is available, data from the tablet computer is automatically uploaded and synchronized with the central server.

Inspection requirements checklists are filled out by tapping “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A” for each question. Comments about violations can be entered at the time a citation is recorded or later on the inspector’s office computer after the checklist is uploaded to the central server. Multiple checklists can be used depending on the permitted activities at the facility being inspected. Data on a facility is pre-populated on a “cover page” form. Comments about the facility, participants involved in the inspection, concerns, record requests, and exit briefing discussions can be entered on the tablet computer or back at the office.

The work involved in completing the inspection is done on an inspector’s desktop/laptop computer. Inspection progress is tracked from initial scheduling through return to compliance work and preparation of a final inspection report. Documents like the Inspection Report cover pages, requirements checklists, and the Notice of Compliance/ Non-Compliance are generated from data entered on the tablet computer. The documents are created in Microsoft Word format for easy editing if special notes or comments are needed. Other documents like photo logs and e-mail attachments received from a facility are attached to the inspection report so that all relevant documents are stored in the central server database.

The Mobile Inspections application can reduce an inspector’s work in all three stages of the workflow process—Pre-inspection, on-site inspection, and post-inspection. Performance improvements include:

  • Reduce the cost and effort in recording data and preparing inspection report documents
  • Reduce the lead time for preparing an inspection report and returning to compliance.
  • Improve data quality through the use of standardized, paperless forms for data entry.

This development project was performed using the Agile/Scrum methodology. End-users provided feedback every sprint by interacting with actual running software. Several key features were discovered and added during development by the team.

The Mobile Inspections application was developed using Microsoft .NET 4 (with MVC and nHibernate), IIS 7, and Oracle database 10g. The Local Storage feature of HTML5 provides the ability to fill out inspection forms in the field when off-line from the Internet and then synchronize data with a cent


CLIENT: Kansas Dept. of Health and the Environment
SERVICES: Agile Development, Custom/COTS Solutions, Data Management, eGovernment, Exchange Network, Mobile Applications

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