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TurboPlan Pollution Prevention Planning System Development

Windsor developed and implemented TurboPlan, a Pollution Prevention (P2) planning tool, for the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction (HWTR) program in the Department of Ecology in the State of Washington.  Users at facilities in the regulated community enter P2 plans via a web interface. Staff members in the HWTR program review the plans as they are submitted. Then, P2 plans are used as a basis for working with facilities to identify opportunities for reducing hazardous substances used in facility processes, as well as reducing hazardous wastes generated.

A key to identifying the best pollution prevention opportunities is a graphical presentation of data to show trends. A 5-year trend in the usage of constituent chemicals is shown based on hazardous substance data entered into TurboPlan. Data on generated wastes is retrieved from two other applications that Windsor has developed for the Department of Ecology. TurboWaste provides data for facilities by hazardous waste stream and TRIdex provides TRI data.

TurboPlan allows the HWTR program to efficiently monitor and manage the plan submission and review process involving over 500 facilities and 20+ staff members each year. Each staff member has their own list of plans they are responsible for reviewing. A tickler feature allows staff to set up reminders for follow-up actions and discussions with a facility as a plan is being reviewed.

Regional office supervisors have visibility into workloads and the enforcement actions taken by all staff members in their area of responsibility. TurboPlan also provides trend analysis reports for analyzing data by industry sector and/or geographic area of the state.  Rank reports help identify facilities that are leading performers in finding and implementing opportunities for pollution prevention.

TurboPlan implements the P2RX data exchange through the Exchange Network. Data is submitted to the National P2 Results Data System (

This development project was performed using the Agile/Scrum methodology. End-users provided feedback every sprint by interacting with actual running software. Several key features were discovered and added during development by the team.

The application was developed using Microsoft .NET 4 (with MVC and Entity Framework) and SQL Server 2008. SQL Server Reporting Services is used to generate reports. SQL Server Integration Services was used for data migration and for data integration with other applications running at Ecology like the Facility/Site system, site contacts, and internal staff HR system. The application is entirely web-based, so there is no software to install on end-user PCs.


CLIENT: Washington Dept. of Ecology
DISCIPLINES: Land, Cross-discipline

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