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Underground Injection Control (UIC) Data Exchange

Windsor Solutions was contracted by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to develop, test and implement the Java plugin for OpenNode2 for the RCRAInfo Outbound flow from CDX.  This project successfully completed, resulting in a considerably reduced data-entry burden for the program staff and increased data accuracy.  Based on this success, Windsor was asked to extend the project to include a new data flow.  Within this project extension Windsor developed an Underground Injection Control (UIC) plugin for OpenNode2 which would support version 2.0 of the UIC schema.

Once the new plugin was developed, Windsor crafted a solution using an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) routine to flow data from two distinct data sources on a regular basis to CDX, using the new plugin and OpenNode2.  While there were two distinct programs (DEQ and DHHS) working on UIC related projects, only one single plugin and process is now required to share the agency's UIC data with the EPA.  This provides the EPA with all of the information they are looking for, and does so automatically, by pulling the required data directly out of two distinct source systems.  The project was another big win for DEQ and DHHS, as the level of effort required to report UIC data has been minimized substantially, and the quality of the data being reported has increased exponentially.


CLIENT: North Carolina Dept. of Environment Quality
SERVICES: Exchange Network

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