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WQAR Implementation

Windsor designed and implemented a water quality analysis reporting (WQAR) tool to replace the ADB solution and support reporting of the ATTAINS information to the EPA.

The WQAR application supports the determination in Arkansas as to whether surface waters of the state meet the water quality standards. By storing all available water quality result data the system is able to organize attainment results in such a way as to support ADEQ’s business needs. Through the tool ADEQ can

  • Evaluate waterbody segments for attainment of water quality standards and Designated Uses
  • Maintain the list of standards and designated uses applicable to waterbody segments
  • Provide a data source for reporting and analysis of sample results and attainment data

Windsor’s design of this application incorporated the development of a series of workflow processes. For instance Calculate Attainment Results for Segment or Segment Set is a much broader task than the attainment process for a single sample, this process considers standard attainment in the context of a specific date range, allowing the assessment process to also consider the minimum number of samples needed to reach an attainment result and also the percent of samples that must exceed the standard to yield a non-attainment result.

This process also calculates whether the segment supports the designated uses assigned to the segment.


CLIENT: Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality

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