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WY Pollution Discharge System (WYPDES)

Windsor worked with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) to build a new pollutant discharge system (WYPDES). 

WDEQ recognized that the information systems and business processes that are currently used to maintain the NPDES program within the Wyoming Program (WYPDES) would require modernization to support the eventual flow of information to the new EPA ICIS-NPDES system.  In addition, WDEQ could see that its programs would benefit from additional modifications to the existing information systems and business processes to streamline and enhance data collection and management.

In August 2007, WDEQ initiated an enterprise-wide Information Technology Initiative Implementation Project that included a task aimed to establish a fully integrated information system that will consolidate existing separate WYPDES Program systems into a single data repository and provide a powerful and secure data collection, management and access interface for all program information.  This new system, named WYPDES, enables the WYPDES Program to fully comply with the data synchronization requirements of the EPA ICIS-NPDES data exchange.

WYPDES was implemented in the late fall of 2008.  The system covers all aspects of facility and permit management, including effluent limits, discharge monitoring reports, inspections, violation tracking and enforcement actions.  It also features robust document generations capabilities and customizable reporting.  Windsor has been responsible for all planning and management, requirements gathering, design, development and testing activities.  



CLIENT: Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality

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