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Waste Water Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Windsor has worked with Georgia EPD for a number of years supporting the development and implementation of a variety of information systems. 

Recently Windsor designed and implemented a new water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System for the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

The solution provided for the EPD made extensive use of proven solutions that were already developed by Windsor to solve the specific challenges expressed by the EPD. The ability to reuse these capabilities ensured that the GAPDES project was delivered in a tight time frame and also with a rich set of functionality.

Specific functionality developed to meet the individual needs of EPD include:

  • geospatial viewers for facilities, permitted outfalls, and spills
  • advanced permitting features to enable support of multiple inactive limits
  • permit development, inspection, and enforcement documents that conform to existing EPD templates
  • customizations to enable a cloud-hosted implementation

GAPDES manages all information about the EPD’s National Pollutant Elimination System (NPDES) permit, compliance, and enforcement program implementations, including:

  • Permit applications
  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Enforcement actions
  • Spills tracking

GAPDES is a fully integrated information system that consolidates existing separate EPD applications into a single data repository and provides a powerful and secure data collection, management and access interface for all program information. This Internet- based, cloud-hosted application was developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework and MySQL, but it was architected for compatibility with other database platforms.

EPD permitting staff uses GAPDES to manage the complex NPDES permit and water quality certification application process, ensuring that all required information is captured. Permit documents are automatically generated by the system, saving valuable time while promoting consistency and accuracy within the branch. Facilities and outfalls can be mapped using dedicated geospatial viewers, providing important context such as proximity to impaired waterbodies.

EPD compliance staff uses the system to schedule and record inspections, as well as generate post-inspection reports. GAPDES also provides robust functions to log single-event and permit violations and manage enforcement actions. Spills can be tracked in the system, and these can be integrated with the existing permits and facilities recorded by permitting staff. Spills can also be plotted on a map, showing their relationship to existing facilities, outfalls, and impaired waterbodies.

As a parallel project to the GAPDES implementation Windsor was engaged by Georgia EPD to complete a Data Warehouse assessment project that incorporated a current systems assessment of the Watershed Protection Branch existing systems. This incorporated an assessment of the systems of relevance to this project including the Water Resources Database (WRDB), the Ecological Data Application System (EDAS), the DIVISION Assessment Database (DAD) and the Assessment Database (ADB), the Fish Tissue spreadsheets and the ESRI GIS systems which provides Windsor with substantial knowledge of those systems to be integrated into the new system.


CLIENT: Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources

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