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Water Quality Analysis Reporting Tool (WART)

The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) employed Windsor to design and develop a Water Quality Analysis Reporting tool (WART).  This tool was based in part on an existing application developed by Windsor for the State of Arkansas.

Windsor completed WART, a Java-based custom code web-based application which:

  • Evaluates waterbody segments for attainment of water quality standards and designated uses
  • Maintains the list of standards and designated uses applicable to waterbody segments
  • Provides a data source for reporting and analysis of sample results and attainment data
  • Provides a data source for future reporting via the ATTAINS environmental exchange data flow.

WART uses Active Directory to provide defined group security and access.  All pages within the application include detailed Help text, which is completely customizable by users without any coding required.  The application can evaluate attainment using live or warehoused (locked) data, and completed evaluations and completed reporting cycles can be locked, providing a “snapshot in time” of every sample result, every calculation, and every determination made.  The tool includes mechanisms for importing results, and exporting to excel-readable documents in various formats.

The analysis conducted by WART occurs on a daily basis via stored procedure, but can also be manually run at any time, allowing for real-time evaluation based on changing data.

Water Quality standards are defined and applied by users, and all standards can be added, removed or modified without any developer interaction. Standards are applied to individual reporting cycles, and can be copied for future cycles.  Standards can be simple, comparing a single result against an individual rule for a given parameter, but standards can also be very complex; using multi-value criteria to analyze rolling or block averaged values with minimum required result-set sizes and determining impairment based on binomial distribution, while excluding samples from thermocline depths.


CLIENT: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

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