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  • Water Quality Data Viewer Hawaii State Dept. of Health
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Water Quality Data Viewer

The Hawaii State Environmental Health Administration (EHA) and Windsor Solutions (Windsor) partnered to build a custom Water Quality Data (WQD) Viewer application for the Clean Water Branch. This application provides users with the ability to query water quality information and return results in a spatially enabled and/or tabular format. The WQD Viewer also includes the ability to view beach warnings, advisories and postings, and it offers drill-down capabilities to find sampling result data. The following objectives were defined for this project:

  • Visually simplify and enhance general public's accessibility to the administration's current warning and sampling sites
  • Build inquiry application that allows users to query water quality data and return results in a spatially enabled and/or tabular format
  • Provide beach warning, advisory, and posting information with quick and easy access to sampling result data
  • Implement State-to-EPA water quality data exchange (WQX) on the recently upgraded EHA Exchange Network Node

An administration application was also developed to allow Clean Water Branch staff to create beach warnings, advisories and postings and specify affected areas through drawing and recording polygons with a mapping tool. Watch short demo.


CLIENT: Hawaii State Dept. of Health

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