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  • Watershed Data Analysis Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
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Watershed Data Analysis

Windsor was contracted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to perform  Data Analysis work for their Watershed Resources.

DNR is organized into a number of programs and regions that perform various activities to conserve and manage the state’s natural resources, while also providing commercial and recreational use of those resources. Based on historical factors such as the targeted funding and the agency’s programmatic organization a number of information systems exist that target and support sets of needs, with overlapping and duplicative information and in some cases incompatible definitions.

DNR intends to develop a watershed based information ‘blueprint’ (or Information Architecture) to aid in the integration of those systems and the reconciliation of appropriate data shared amongst them.

To this end, and based on Windsor's experience, DNR commissioned Windsor to develop a unifying, conceptual data model that will pull together the information the agency tracks within these many systems to describe the hydrology, geomorphology, biology, water quality, and connectivity of the state’s rivers, streams and lakes.


CLIENT: Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
DISCIPLINES: Land, Water, Natural Resources

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