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WyWaste Implementation

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Solid and Hazardous Waste Division (SHWD) contacted with Windsor to develop an integrated solution (“WyWaste”) for five programs: Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Inspections & Compliance, Voluntary Remediation, and Orphan Sites. Drivers for this project included the need to replace aging legacy systems and the desire to provide a holistic view of activities at a location. Windsor proposed the re-use and customization of the recently completed Michigan DEQ MiWaters system, which provided many of the components needed for WyWaste. This included application / service request processing, sophisticated mapping functions, workflow templates, document generation, and compliance tracking.

The first WyWaste release was deployed in November 2016 and provided data management functions for the Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Voluntary Remediation, and Orphan Sites programs. Release 2 was deployed in February 2018 and introduced compliance, monitoring, and enforcement data management for the Inspections & Compliance Program. Future releases are envisioned to provide accessibility to the general public for online submissions and data access.

The core of the WyWaste solution is comprised of a custom developed web application based on the Microsoft .NET framework, with data being managed and reported upon using Microsoft’s SQL Server platform.  However, significant functionality is also provided through integration of Windsor Solutions products into the WyWaste solution:

  • nForm – supports online electronic form submission and management
  • nSpect – provides mobile inspections and data collection
  • nSite Explorer – delivers powerful GIS based data inquiry
  • nVisage - enables users to run both text-based and formatted reports

Primary capabilities provided by the WyWaste system include:

  • Site Management
    • Management of Site Plans related to environmental interests (e.g. Permitted)
    • Integration with GIS for mapping of Site Plan Features as points, lines, or polygons.
    • Site centric view of environmental activities (Permits, Enforcement Actions, Inspections) 
  • Submission Processing
    • Integration with nForm for submission of Permit Applications or Service Requests
    • Processing paper-based Applications, Requests, Submissions
    • Tracking of Complaints
    • Collection of Schedules of Compliance for Permits
  • Solid Waste Permit Maintenance
    • Schedules of Compliance
    • Permitted Features
    • Dynamic program-specific data components based on permit type
    • Contact Management
    • Related Documents
  • Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcment
    • Integration with nSpect for use of online inspection forms
    • Evaluations
    • Violations
    • Enforcement Actions and Fines
  • Hazardous Waste Permit Maintenance
    • Management of Events / Milestones by Unit
  • Corrective Action Maintenance
    • Management of Events by Area
    • Tracking of Certificates of Concern Over Life of Corrective Action Process
  • Financial Assurance
    • Cost Estimate Tracking by Regulatory Program
    • Management of Financial Instruments 

Other features and capabilities of WyWaste include:

  • Workflow and Tasking
  • Automated generation of documents from user-defined document templates
  • Integrated Document Management (upload/download/edit) and document editing
  • User Notifications
  • Contact Management
  • User management
  • System Announcements
  • Extensive configuration and administrative capabilities
  • Online help 


CLIENT: Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality
SERVICES: Custom/COTS Solutions

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