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eManifest Tracking System Pilot

Environmental regulatory agencies in the States of Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey were awarded an EPA Challenge Grant to develop a pilot, multi-state manifest tracking system that utilizes key technologies of the Environmental Information Exchange Network.  Windsor was selected to help these agencies with the development of the pilot system that will demonstrate potential electronic tracking and management capabilities of hazardous waste manifests from the original generation of the identified waste to its ultimate disposal.

The e-Manifest tracking system project mission can be defined in terms of the following goals:

  1. Pilot an electronic manifest process using the Exchange Network as the enabler
  2. Eliminate current paper and mail based processing burden on industry stakeholders and State regulators
  3. Drastically improve intra-state and inter-state cradle to grave tracking of hazardous waste by providing rapid access to data consumers

The project involved the design, development, testing and implementation of a pilot central manifest tracking system and data exchange capabilities between the central repository and existing State data management systems.

The e-Manifest pilot solution offers two main ways to interact with the central system: user-centric and machine-centric.  The user interface itself can be accessed through either a standard desktop Internet browser or a smart client application embedded within a mobile device.  A Web Service interface that facilitates a system-based, multi-manifest data submission process is also available.  This interface will define the messages and their content, allowing external systems to upload manifest data to the pilot system.

The e-Manifest pilot system was rolled out to the participating States and industry stakeholder representatives.  The pilot period allowed project stakeholders to identify what worked and what did not work within the overall electronic manifesting solution.  This input was invaluable and will have a heavy impact on an eventual national e-Manifest system implementation, once the Solid Waste Disposal Act is amended and the Environmental Protection Agency is directed to establish a hazardous waste electronic manifest system.


CLIENT: New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection

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