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eReporting Discharge Monitoring Reports in California

The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) contracted Windsor to implement a web-based solution for the capture of federal Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) for California facilities permitted to discharge under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

This solution, known as eSMR 2.5, also automated the exchange of the captured DMR data with U.S. EPA using the Exchange Network. SWRCB had previously developed a solution, known as eSMR 2, for the capture of reports pertaining to State discharge monitoring regulations. Windsor extended this solution to also support the capture of federal NPDES DMRs, providing a single point of contact for facilities to report to both state and federal regulators. Data can be reported either through a user interface or through the upload of formatted data.

The allowable limits for NPDES permits are maintained by a U.S. EPA system known as ICIS-NPDES. In order to simplify the entry of DMR data for facilities, an automated download of ICIS-NPDES permit limit data (also known as an ‘empty slot file’ or ESF) data was implemented as part of the project.

Downloading the ESF data allows the eSMR 2.5 solution to compare and validate DMR data that has been entered or uploaded by the facility against the pre-defined permit limits and conditions that apply, and highlight any exceedences that may have occurred. Once DMR data entry has been completed and reviewed by the responsible party at the facility, the submittal goes through a certification process and is forwarded to U.S. EPA via the exchange network for further validation and import into the ICIS-NPDES system.

The exchange network plays a central role in this solution, as the mechanism for delivery of current permit limits and condition from U.S. EPA to SWRCB, and also the subsequent delivery of submitted, certified DMRs from SWRCB to U.S. EPA. Windsor’s OpenNode2 solution has been deployed in California and is being used for all ICIS-NPDES related data exchanges.

The eSMR 2.5 solution was deployed in production and SWRCB in November 2012, with a gradual rollout to all regulated facilities following afterwards. Future enhancements planned for eSMR 2.5 include the implementation of a CROMERR-compliant electronic submittal certification process.


CLIENT: California State Water Resource Control Board
SERVICES: eGovernment, Exchange Network

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