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eGovernment is about enabling our government entities as they respond to the increased demand for ease of use, mobile access, collaboration and transparency in all aspects of interaction between the agencies, the regulated community and the general public. Windsor provides solutions to make this happen. eReporting, Permit Application Systems, Mobile Inspection and Geospatial Mapping are just a few of the examples where Windsor is helping public agencies respond to these high expectations.


Integration of spatial and tabular environmental information enables agencies to better understand their data, therefore allowing for better environmental management decisions to be made. Windsor has extensive experience building environmental information systems that incorporate both spatial and tabular components to support effective decision-making. Our staff has delivered major geospatial modules on large integrated information systems, and we have the experience to work with your GIS staff to integrate your solutions or establish new ones.

Data Management

Agencies and organizations often find themselves managing data sources for various environmental media on differing technology platforms. This results in replicating functionality or supporting similar data in conflicting ways. Windsor consultants have an in-depth knowledge of environmental information utilization, as well as a comprehensive understanding of up-to-date technology platforms. This allows us to be highly effective at integrating program specific "legacy" applications into modern integrated information systems and enables a more holistic understanding of the data.

Open Node 2

The most widely used Node on the Exchange Network

OpenNode2 is the free, tried-and-true choice for your next generation Exchange Network Node.

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Exchange Network

Windsor built the first fully functionally Exchange Network Node to exchange production data and has since supported many Node partners in the use of the Exchange Network. The capabilities of the Windsor Node have been significantly extended since the first implementation, and the Node is now available in a variety of technologies and able to support an extensive list of data exchanges. We can help you fully participate in the Exchange so you can better share environmental data and quality information other participating network partners.

Mobile Applications

Public demand for mobile computing is ever increasing. Expectations upon government to provide options to their staff and community are also high. Mobile inspections, geospatial mapping, and regulated community online permit applications are examples of how Windsor is helping its clients respond to these high expectations.

Strategic Planning

An information strategy plan provides clear direction for you and your program areas. This plan is based on a detailed understanding of your organization’s strategic, long-term goals and your current systems and serves as a road map that allows you to meet your objectives as efficiently as possible. An information strategy plan also addresses accountability needs such as tracking funds for performing regulatory activities.

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Agile Development

Through close collaboration with our clients, Windsor establishes solutions that are based upon early delivery of working software and the development of improvements based upon a prioritized backlog of possible enhancements. Such an approach ensures that the team addresses those items which are felt to provide the largest benefit to the client, while leaving lower priority features to a later release of software.

Custom/COTS Solutions

Based upon a rich history of developing custom solutions for clients, Windsor has recognized certain patterns of reuse. To bring the benefit of this knowledge to our clients and to reduce to overall cost of ownership and implementation, Windsor has added a series of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions to support the rapid deployment of functional software.

Cloud Based Options

Cloud based solutions offer clients new and robust options to support their systems without the expense of investing in the creation and maintenance of their own systems infrastructure. Such an approach offers efficiencies to an organization. In response to this need, many of Windsor's offerings are cloud-capable.