Windsor Solutions employs highly skilled and motivated people who use
leading technologies to solve business challenges. We are at the forefront of
the industry for successfully utilizing and implementing:

Microsoft .NET Development Environment

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Windsor has extensive experience across a broad range of Microsoft technologies. We have a track record for deploying high-quality, Microsoft-based solutions. Windsor has consistently rated in the top 5% of companies, for each of the last 3 years of the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey (this is the survey's highest rating available).

GIS Technologies

Windsor currently supports many clients using ESRI and Open Source tools, including ArcGIS Server and the Web APIs, ArcGIS Online, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and OpenLayers, among others. Windsor implements these technologies to deliver dynamic geospatial capabilities in our applications, and in many cases we've helped our clients to migrate from older technologies to the latest, best-of-breed GIS technologies. As an ESRI partner, Windsor has been recognized as a valuable solution provider of GIS services. Our ability to support clients with their GIS requirements gives Windsor greater flexibility to deliver complete solutions for our clients.

Java / J2EE Development

When a client requires the Java / J2EE development platform for their software solution, Windsor has the staff and capabilities to make the project a success. In addition to strong architectural, design, and development expertise, our staff can support the important decision making process with respect to the wide range of of development and deployment options that are available for the Java / J2EE environment.

SOAP / XML Technologies

SOAP / XML technologies enable disparate systems to share data and processes efficiently over the Internet or an Intranet. Windsor has significant experience in developing solutions for the exchange of B2G and G2G data. Our expertise in this area is demonstrated by our leading involvement in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.

Thick-Client / Desktop Data Management Systems

Windsor is positioned to help our clients make informed decisions about the technologies and architectures best suited for each software development project. When a thick-client / desktop solution is appropriate, Windsor has the experience to deploy solutions with rich, client-side functionality.

Thin-Client / Web Data Management Systems

When a Thin-Client / Web implementation is appropriate, Windsor's knowledgable development staff can help clients with the unique requirements of web-based application development and service-oriented architectures. Our staff can assist you with such issues as Internet / Intranet security, ease of deployment and maintenance, robust user interface design, and more.