Custom Solutions

Because “one size fits all” doesn’t actually exist.

When there’s a need that can’t be solved by existing products or technology alone, you want to work with people who have 20+ years experience blazing new trails.

Windsor has the know-how and people to tackle any challenge, no matter how new or complex.

Sometimes you come across a problem or challenge that simply cannot be addressed by just off-the-shelf products. That’s when you need a firm with a two-decade history of creating category-defining original software for the environmental IT space.

Windsor is that firm, but with a twist: because we take an ecosystem approach to both our modular product offerings and our custom solutions, we can usually find a way to anchor custom projects with our existing core technologies. That means faster development, smaller budgets, and easier maintenance.

What sets our custom solutions apart

PMI-certified expert project management
On-staff analysis and requirements experts across all media areas
Agile process focused on priority-driven development
Quality control, implementation, and testing with existing systems, including ADA and accessibility
Ongoing support and updates as the technology evolves
IT ecosystems all have unique niches and gaps. Our custom solutions group helps us make sure they’re filled.

Off-the-shelf technology, evolved

We offer modular, off-the-shelf solutions that are likely to address most of your IT needs. But no two environmental IT ecosystems are alike, and that’s where our custom practice takes our approach to a different level of service.

Rather than try to force our existing solutions to fill gaps they weren’t designed to, we turn to our expert architects and software engineers to evolve those modular solutions to seamlessly fill any gaps in features or compatibility. That means that you get the cost and implementation benefits of using pre-existing tech, with a much better, customized fit to your system.

No dead ends

We’ll never leave you hanging, no matter what unexpected twists and turns happen or technical difficulties we encounter while implementing the technology you need.

How can we promise that? Because we have an entire group of elite developers and planners who are dedicated to making sure that our products solve your problems, who have the experience to tackle even the most difficult challenges. That’s not a benefit many of our competitors are able to offer.

Adaptability is the difference

To survive, life must adapt. The technology that makes up environmental IT ecosystems is no different.

Just like Arkansas and California and Hawai’i are all significantly different states, with different regulations and environmental needs, their technology infrastructure and software has to be adaptable to meet those needs. Custom solutions are how we address those differences, and hybrid custom/modular IT ecosystems are the future of doing that efficiently and effectively. That’s why Windsor has developed the ecosystem approach, and why our custom group is a core element of it.

Let's find the solution, together.

We have more than two decades of experience working side-by-side with environmental agencies to help make their work simpler and easier through technology. Our products use both modular features and custom code to maximize the flexibility, fit, and speed we can offer our agency partners. Reach out today to incorporate our industry-leading ecosystem approach into your IT systems.