Our experts can help you navigate the IT needs of any aspect of Health regulation and oversight, including:

    • Compliance Inspections
    • Dairy
    • Emergency response
    • Food Safety
    • Onsite Waste
      • Septic
      • Cesspools
    • Radiological Health
    • Swimming Pools
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    Case Study / SC Dept of Health Permitting

    40 different programs, a single permitting ecosystem

    The SC Dept of Health and Environmental Conservation needed a permitting system that could serve multiple programs across wildly different regulated categories. Working hand-in-hand with multiple stakeholders, our team created an agency-wide permitting, compliance, enforcement, and data management solution using Windsor's modular feature sets. The resulting suite of workflow management, payment processing, and data management tools are versatile enough to serve programs as diverse as infectious waste, health licensing, dairy, food safety, septic tanks and lab certification, among others.

Let's find the solution, together.

We have more than two decades of experience working side-by-side with environmental agencies to help make their work simpler and easier through technology. Our products use both modular features and custom code to maximize the flexibility, fit, and speed we can offer our agency partners. Reach out today to incorporate our industry-leading ecosystem approach into your IT systems.