Our own ecosystem is built on our values.

We are a group of designers, engineers, technical architects and experts who all share a passion for helping environmental agencies accomplish their mission and serve their communities. Every day we work to bring our values to every project we do and partnership we have.

Our Values

Our Integrity drives us to always deliver on our promises, never put winning over our reputation, and be a true ally to our clients.
Our commitment to Openness empowers us to tell it like it is, create decades-long partnerships with our clients based on trust, and be regularly sought out as experts in our field.
Our Diligence ensures that no matter what unexpected twists and turns may be encountered, we can always meet them head-on with confidence.
Our sense of Community—both in the office, and with our clients and the people they serve—fuels our work ethic, and makes our collaborations more seamless and rewarding.

Our History

More than two decades of leading the environmental IT space

We’ve spent over two decades setting the benchmark for both custom and off-the-shelf environmental IT solutions across every media area and operational need. Over that time, we’ve evolved to better meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing industry.

  • 2021

    This year, we once again led the environmental IT industry by adopting a holistic, ecosystem-inspired approach to solving our clients’ most pressing challenges

  • 2018

    We launch nVIRO, the heart of our new ecosystem approach to environmental IT development

  • 2017

    nSPECT, our inspection solution, is recognized by the Environmental Council of States for increasing the efficiency of inspections by 30%

  • 2015

    Our company grows to 50 employees

  • 2013

    We open new, larger offices in downtown Portland, OR

  • 2012

    Team Windsor climbs Mt. St. Helens — the most active volcano in the Cascade Range

  • 2011

    Windsor launches the first version of its popular nFORM solution, which allows program staff to design and manage their own data gathering process

  • 2008

    We open our Eastern satellite office in Northampton, MA

  • 2007

    First Open Node is delivered

  • 2001

    We hire our 10th employee

  • 1998

    Windsor Solutions is founded by Guy Outred and Kevin Jeffrey

Working for Windsor

Windsor Solutions is one of the nation’s leading developers of environmental information systems, with our products in use in over 40 states across every agency operational areas. Located in Portland, OR, we’ve built a culture that values the products we build and the connections we make, both in and out of the office.

Right now we don’t have any open positions. If you would like to work with us, reach out at careers@windsorsolutions.com and tell us why. We’re always interested in meeting people who are passionate about the environment and the information systems that help us protect it.