Community Engagement

Windsor’s Community Engagement solution brings together agencies, the regulated community, and the public to collaborate, share important information, and make everyone involved more responsive and supported.

    • Connect with everyone

      • Online portals designed to serve the public, the regulated community, and staff
      • Centralized regulated entity management
      • Feedback and complaint facilitation
      • Public outreach and communication tools
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      Includes technology and features found in our nSITE and nVIRO products

Close the communication gap

  • Make engagement with the public and regulated community more consistent and less stressful for everyone involved, and have complete control over what data is exposed on your online portals
  • Reduce the volume of Freedom of Information Act requests by adding powerful search capability to your public database
  • Use easily customized maps to help users understand what’s happening in their city and state, including facility-based information, site plans and features, permits and supporting documentation, violations and enforcement actions, and more

Engage the regulated community

  • Collaborate asynchronously with regulated entities, quickly answering their questions and providing paths forward, making compliance more likely
  • Encourage paperless reporting with a system built from the ground, up, to be CROMERR compliant
  • Provide real-time access to external users’ sites, projects, and permits, so they have visibility into the progress of their permit renewals, required reports, outstanding payments, and more

Our Environmental Data Ecosystem can adapt to your needs

Our Forms solution is just one of many Modular Solutions we offer in our ecosystem approach to environmental IT. Each is designed to integrate with both third-party products and other Windsor modules to help ensure that your technology never stands in the way of your mission to protect the environment and to serve your community.

Learn more on our Modular Solutions page.

Our Modular Solutions

  • Provide solutions across the entire regulatory lifecycle across every media and program area
  • Scale from smaller, point solutions to broader, multi-state and -program digital ecosystems
  • Stay relevant and usable over time because of our emphasis of low-code user-configurability

Let's find the solution, together.

We have more than two decades of experience working side-by-side with environmental agencies to help make their work simpler and easier through technology. Our products use both modular features and custom code to maximize the flexibility, fit, and speed we can offer our agency partners. Reach out today to incorporate our industry-leading ecosystem approach into your IT systems.