Windsor’s Permitting solutions streamline the process of applying for, processing, and managing permits, licenses, and certifications throughout the full regulatory life-cycle.

    • 100% user-configurable

      Easy-to-learn editor makes adjusting a template or building your own custom form a snap, PLUS take advantage of over 800 templates covering 50+ program areas
    • Integrated accountability

      Clean, contemporary user interface, as well as automatic application tagging, user and approver notifications, and secure storage of submissions
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    • One-click automation

      Pain-free online publishing that doesn’t require IT support, and that integrates with most backend systems and many online payment processors
    • *
      Includes technology and features found in our nVIRO product

Everything in one place

  • Support your entire permitting, application, and certification lifecycle from inside the system
  • Use the easy-to-master dashboard and customization tools to design and establish processes, forms, and documents
  • Integrate with any third-party technologies or products

Enhance with automation

  • Engage the Workflow Engine to add automation to the process, based on application type or any custom criteria
  • Access pre-created document templates to streamline development
  • Route submissions and related documents manually, or create automations based on workgroup, facility, geographic location, or any relevant detail

Our Environmental Data Ecosystem can adapt to your needs

Our Forms solution is just one of many Modular Solutions we offer in our ecosystem approach to environmental IT. Each is designed to integrate with both third-party products and other Windsor modules to help ensure that your technology never stands in the way of your mission to protect the environment and to serve your community.

Learn more on our Modular Solutions page.

Our Modular Solutions

  • Provide solutions across the entire regulatory lifecycle across every media and program area
  • Scale from smaller, point solutions to broader, multi-state and -program digital ecosystems
  • Stay relevant and usable over time because of our emphasis of low-code user-configurability

Let's find the solution, together.

We have more than two decades of experience working side-by-side with environmental agencies to help make their work simpler and easier through technology. Our products use both modular features and custom code to maximize the flexibility, fit, and speed we can offer our agency partners. Reach out today to incorporate our industry-leading ecosystem approach into your IT systems.